Effortlessly manageable and fragrant hair all day

Everyday, you are confronted with stressors like heat, pollution, and tiring commutes.

With so many challenges, HANA eliminates one less thing for you to worry about by making your hair look its best, so you feel your very best.

HANA Soft and Smooth Shampoo combines natural moisturizers and nature-inspired scents that keep your hair manageable and fragrant like you just stepped out of the shower, no matter the time of day.

HANA’s new time release fragrance technology guarantees to provide wonderful, long-lasting fragrance of Pink Roses & Berries, Spring Flowers & Apples, or Garden Blooms & Lychees. It works best through daily use with HANA Soft & Smooth Conditioner, which hydrates the hair from the roots to its tips.

Now you can face each day with confidence knowing that your hair looks healthy and smells fresh all day — parang bagong shampoo always.