#nofilterbeauty Promo Winners

Here are the three winners of the #nofilterbeauty promo:

1. Ruth Jimenez (Mega Magazine)
2. Janna Tee (Metro Magazine)
3. Julie Szoke (Preview Magazine)

Ruth Jimenez

Ruth Jimenez turned to modeling after financial problems kept her from pursuing a degree in dentistry. Ever the trooper, she channeled her love for K-Pop music and fashion into her craft, singing, dancing, and even rapping her way to a spot in IamMEG Season 2. The experience with the show made her more open, not to mention feel more fortunate and thankful with her turn in life. While many women would like to lose weight, Ruth is trying to gain more because she values her health. For her, being healthy and confident makes you beautiful. She also believes that each one of us has a unique beauty and that we need not look like someone else to feel beautiful. Spoken like true #NoFilterBeauty indeed!


Janna Tee

Winner of Hana Shampoo and Metro Magazine's search for the ultimate #nofilterbeauty.

Watch out for her feature in Metro Magazine's September Issue, shot against the exquisite natural beauty of Venice, Italy.


Julie Szoke

Our search for Hana’s #nofilterbeauty winner has ended: 26-year old Julie Szoke was one of the hundreds of entries we received for the Hana #NoFilterBeauty promo. Julie, who grew up in Australia and recently moved to the Philippines, will receive a holiday getaway for two and will be featured in a Preview beauty editorial for Hana shampoo and will star in her own #imapreviewgirl video.

Entries were judged according to the following criteria: over-all aesthetic (natural no-filter beauty look), personality and style based from the photo submitted, and online votes.

Watch out for the Hana beauty editorial in Preview and the #imapreviewgirl video!