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HANA is a brand that believes in the beauty and power of nature, translating that belief in their hair and body care products. The brand knows that they share a similar conviction to the Ms. Philippines-Earth beauty pageant.

And because of that, HANA selected 10 HANA GIRLS from the Ms. Philippines-Earth 2014 candidates to compete for the very first MISS HANA award. These 10 candidates are women who represent healthy beauty in its natural glory. These are women who are in touch with their surroundings. And although all these women are one with nature, only one will be truly crowned MISS HANA.

To find out who best represents the essence of being the very first “MISS HANA,” we asked them this question:

 "If you had superpowers, what would it be and how would you use it to save the environment?"

My superpower would be to use 100% of my brain since we only use a small percentage of it. If I had this ability then I would have many ideas to make life on Earth more sustainable.

I’ll definitely be Super Cupid. “Nang dahil sa pag-ibig nawawala ang galit sa mundo,” a line from the 1980’s song of Anthony Castello simply says if we start instilling love in our hearts, we start loving our surroundings, loving every bit of what is has to offer. The shot by Cupid’s arrow is filled with love, attraction and affection. I don’t mind spending 24/7 just to hunt everyone and give that doze, Mother Earth deserves it anyway.

The ability to read other people's minds. Knowing other people's perspective would allow me to carefully look into their desires, concerns and issues. That way, I can come up with a design/plan that would lead them to positive decisions and choices in saving the environment, making it more sustainable. Power in the right hands can bring about progress and can sustain the development of a nation and environment.

If I had superpowers it would be to vanish and put to end environmental destruction and the power to instill the minds of people to always think green.

If I had a certain superpower, it would be to travel through time. With this power, I'd have certain people travel with me to the future, specifically people who are at fault in terms of the depletion of the environment and its fast decline. I would make them see what their actions will do to our planet if they continue with such acts of violence against mother nature. I'd let them see what they've done wrong in the past and help them find alternative ways that minimize or even prevent harm to the environment. With this, we'd live in a greener planet with further innovations that not only prolong our lives, but the lives of future generations as well.

If I were given the chance to have superpowers, I’d choose the power of magic. If it was only real, I’d take away most if not all the causes of destruction to our Earth. I’d constantly change and take away the reasons why mother earth is being damaged.

Stop time. Most of us need help with time management as time is one of the hardest things to control. More than often, we feel rushed and careless with decisions about waste disposal and methods of transport so by being able to have more time we can learn to be more conscious of finding appropriate bins or walking to places nearby. The environment will have more time for nourishment, healing and growth where we will also have more opportunities for discovering solutions and remedies for existing environmental hazards.

If I would have a superpower, it would be the power to control everything. So that I can control the people and command them right away to do what's right when it comes to taking care of the environment. And most especially the power to control the calamities that will devastate all our natural resources.

The power to control the weather would allow me to tackle a global issue today, global warming. Having that power will eliminate tha chances of melting sea ice, rising sea levels, extinction of species, occurances of natural disasters and more. In saying that, despite not being superheroes, we, humans have an influence in what happens to mother earth.

I would like to have the superpower to make people think twice about their actions. Everyday of OUR lives we do things that hurt the environment, some out of carelessness, some out of irresponsibility. If I can make people think twice about the things they do then we can be more responsible beings and put mother earth's welfare first.

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The winner will be announced during the coronation night on May 11 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena, so start voting now!